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Michael Laake

Michael has been making a habit of being on the cutting edge of the nerdiest trends through his years. At an early age he was into computer gaming,  moved on to Magic: The Gathering, and finally settled on poker later in life. He made a point to be among the best at everything he's done so far, and crypto will be no different (probably). 


Brent Philbin

Brent is a game theory expert, and is the most technologically inclined member of the group.  In fact he's writing this in the 3rd person while creating the website right now. 

Brent was able to find a picture of the only hike he's ever done in his life to convey how worldly and outdoorsy he is. This picture is also from the waist up, This was done on purpose to mitigate any thoughts about his weight. 

He rambles on, Michael needs to stop him all the time. 


Karim Baruque

Karim is easily the smartest and cutest of the bunch. He'll win every argument you put him in, and it's probably because he just knows the correct answer. 

As a history major and science enthusiast, he's particularly passionate about the potential of technology in shaping human progress. Nerdy and idealistic, he's a fitting match for the crypto revolution.


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