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Brent Philbin

Brent joined the crypto community with the fire and fury it deserved. He’s turned a game theory background into a true passion for the future of technology.

Brent has spoken at conferences from Florida to Thailand, and started a podcast network where he’s the host or producer of 5 other shows.

He’s got opinions, hates crypto scams, and wont hesitate to let them know it. Don’t get on his bad side or he might roast your portfolio.

Adam Circle.png

Adam Levy “Roothlus

Adam is the only distinguished member of this show’s cast that has a Twitter check mark. That’s no small accomplishment!

Oh did we mention he’s also won nearly $3M playing poker?

Adam was the first of all the CryptoBasic friends to get into the concurrency game, but he’s the newest podcaster of the bunch. He’s been getting better with every episode, and by the time anyone actually reads this About Us section - he’ll be the seasoned veteran of the show!

Karim Circle.png

Karim Baruque

Karim is easily the smartest and cutest of the bunch. He'll win every argument you put him in, and it's probably because he just knows the correct answer.

As a history major and science enthusiast, he's particularly passionate about the potential of technology in shaping human progress. Nerdy and idealistic, he's a fitting match for the crypto revolution.


Jason Kyriakos

Born and raised in Athens, Greece, Jason Kyriakos is the only native European of the group! Audiophile, musician and long time audio engineer, Jason first joined the podcasting world as an editor for the CryptoBasic Podcast and has since done audio editing for over 70 podcasts from all around the world.

Everything we record is sent to him, and with great care he utilizes his skills to deliver the best quality possible to our listeners. This includes editing out approximately 100 “Ums” from Adam, making Karim sound super sophisticated and making sure Brent’s loud rants are as headphone-friendly as possible.

When not editing, Jason is usually making music, listening to music, reading about music... you get the point. Also, he loves travelling around his special homeland of Europe, and he's equally passionate about its politics as he is for its wilderness.

The members of the CryptoBasic podcast are not financial advisors, and this information is provided for entertainment purposes. Please do your own research, and don't listen to these idiots.

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