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Below you can find our old episodes.

  • If you want to know more about a coin, check out the 101 Series Coins and see if we've tackled the project! These are designed to be listened to whenever you'd like. We're releasing more and more of these every day. If you don't see a coin you want to know about, shoot us an e-mail! 
  • If you're looking for more broad concepts, check out our Concepts 101. We try to break down the basics of getting into the crypto space. 
  • The Basic Blitz episodes are released very quickly, generally in response to big current news. If you listen to one of those, be cognizant about the date it was published. 
  • Finally - Karim's Fireside Chats are a horse of a different color. Ditch our usual lighthearted banter for a deep dive into concepts told only the way Karim can. 
  • More episode styles are always in production - look for our ICO-centric episodes soon! 

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