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Flagship Friday 53: - Time Magazine, Horizen, Venezuela, and more. Episode 147


It’s the first Flagship of the year, and the team is ready and raring to go. First they teas the Crypties, an award show coming out in a couple of days. They talk about the Horizen DAO paper, realize that they know nothing and decide maybe they need to call up Rob Viglione to talk about it. Karim goes over the Time Magazine Bitcoin article about how important it is for freedom, why it won’t matter in places like the US for longer than we thought. And what it has to do with Venezuela. Brent, then, goes over this stupid scammer named Bitcoin-Fund-Manager and what a rabbit hole that is. From being a monk to a wedding planner, this guy knows scams.

Finally the team goes around the world talking about the Thai government and blockchain, how it could be affecting voting. They go over’s crypto investments – why they believe in Bitcoin, Ravencoin, and others. We play some Bullish or Bullshit with Bitcoin in space, and then roast a portfolio from one of our newest Patreon members.



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