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Episode 181 - Flagship Friday - Starbucks, Cryptopia, and the Adam Levy Effect.

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Yeah right you thought we were going to talk about price on a CryptoBasic episode? We talk about all the goings on of the week. From Cryptopia closing and bring liquidated to Bakkt getting clearer with their direction we cover it all this week. Are Whole Foods and Starbucks really taking CryptoCurrency?

What is the Adam Levy Effect? Is it real? Brent roasts a portfolio, and more.

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  • Rapid Fire
  • Cryptopia Getting Liquidated - Brent
    • Apparently we missed this - but Cryptopia reopened deposits and withdrawals at some point.
    • And they got shut down and are being liquidated.
    • Super scummy that they were accepting deposits
    • They also went into maintenance with a graphic that apparently said "dont panic"
  • BULLISH OR BULLSHIT - Starbucks and Whole Foods accept Crypto - Brent
    • Bullshit....but it's not that bad.
    • They're not really accepting it - but they're using an app called Flexa
    • Flexa works at 15 retailers and is partnered with Gemini. They use a wallet called SPEDN, which is ultra annoying.
    • Only Consensus attendees can use it so far.
    • And it's only on Apple.
  • 60 Minutes Airing A Piece on Crypto. - Adam
    • Laszlo Hanyecz used btc to pay for crypto on May 22nd 2010, 10k btc and now that would be worth 800million
      • spent 100k btc used back then
      • the piece interviews fed reserve governor, mit media lab's digital currency initiative, charlie shrem, and genesis mining ceo
  • Bakkt Released Updated roadmap for launch - they are aiming for July - Brent
    • They're gonna have a daily and monthly settlement contract now. (before it was just daily I believe)
    • The prices will be using tools that will filter out wash trading detected - but not specific on those tools yet.
    • They're putting in $35 Million dollars to the clearing house risk waterfall.
    • They have a custodian in house, but that needs to be approved. They'll be insured, hire cybersecurity firms (hopefully not Gulianais') and compliance firms that specialize in AML and Blockchain analytics.


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