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Episode 193 - Was Tron Raided? Is McAfee making crypto for Cuba?

Flagship Friday! We're talking about John McAfee and what he wants to do for Cuba. We cover whether or not Tron headquarters was raided by the police, and this particular episoe without Adam we talk about a lot of different tangents, and more.

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Episode 193 - Flagship 81

Crypto Around the World

  • (World's Top 10 Companies are American)

    • Interesting article from May in Investopedia (source bump)
    • Reminder that these are really global companies now days
    • List

      Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon, BRKA, FB, JPM, BoA, JnJ, Exxon

    • So why are these companies dominating market-cap?

      • US Equities have been crushing (outperforming), the Dollars strength (trade-off profile), and Mega-caps usually trade at a premium
    • Lessons from History
      • Late 1980s, Japanese companies dominated ranks of global firms. Yen was strong and Nikkei index blew way up
        • Still hasnt recovered btw, (21.5k vs 37.8k ATH)
      • Late 1990s, .com tech boom had US dominating largest companies. The 2000-2002 bear market had SP500 down 45%, NASDAQ almost 80% at worst
      • In 2007 with a strong Euro many EU was challenging US for most megacaps (didnt surpass), but then Great Recession happened
      • China lost some spots on the list due to tariffs
  • Turkey's New Economic Roadmap & Cryptocurrency
    • "11th Development Plan" submitted to the Turkish Parliament July 8th
      • This Covers 2019-2023
    • Here are some interesting parts -
      • a “Mcblockchain-based digital central bank money will be implemented,”
      • That they will create a legal and technological infrastructure in an effort to use blockchain for "transport and customs"
      • Tbf apparently blockchain gets thrown around a lot, like in the AI section and IoT for public services (prob just want to techno-babel by legislators)



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