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Episode 203 - CryptoConvos: Marius Kramer of

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We're starting the week off with another exciting interview, as we've got Marius Kramer, number #1 writer on Quora for cryptocurrencies and fund manager on Emberfund! We talk all kinds of bitcoin, and of course, all kinds of shitcoin. Marius shares his insights on today's crypto market and its future, goes over his process of evaluating a project and -get this- goes over ALL of the top 300 coins. All of them. If your favourite kinda-red-flaggy coin is on his shit list... then you're probably gonna have to rethink your investments.

Join Brent and Marius for a trip to the cryptoverse on this episode of the CryptoBasic Podcast!


Check out Marius' page on Quora:

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