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101 Series: Ethereum. The app store of the blockchain, demystified.


101 Series:


The Triple Threat get together and discuss Ethereum. Join our heroes as then dissect the coin that processes more transactions than all of the rest of the crypto world...combined. Ethereum is a very competent competitor to Bitcoin, and there may be a not too distant future where it remains on top. Plus a quick game or Mary/Kill. 

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Links from the Episode: 

Etherscan : This is where you can put in your wallet or your destination wallet (NOT YOUR PRIVATE KEY, YOUR PUBLIC KEY) and check out what's going on with your transactions. There's a lot of fun to be had exploring the Ethereum Blockchain. 

Eth Gas Station This is the primary source to go see what your Gas prices will be for your Ethereum transactions. 

Original Ethereum Whitepaper

Link to a great Reddit article about ETH/ETC

Article on possible DAICO Implementation

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Binance Exchange Binance has re-opened and it's the primary location for many of the coins that are not available on CoinBase. 

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