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Flagship Episode 3: Bitconnect scam falls, market downturn, and some listener questions


Flagship Episode 3:

Bitconnect Scam, bear market, and the new mailbag. 

The boys learn the hard way that they have no clue what they're doing with audio equipment. They finally get in the same room together ready to record a podcast annnnnd the equipment doesn't work.  That's fine,. you'll still get great information about the market downturn, the exposure of the biggest scam in crypto, and of course some seriously off topic stuff. 

This week's questions came both from our discord channel and e-mail. Keep em coming! We love the idea that you're all involved enough to ask some questions. 

Links to topics from the show: 

Korean officials buy crypto after they create a scare. Jamie Dimon would be proud. 

Mark Cuban is all aboard the crypto train Get your Dallas Mavericks tickets for some coin!

Warning about Bitconnect scam from 8 months ago!  Well thought out reasoning right away. Don't let yourself fall for the next Bitconnect (especially the actual next Bitconnect, Bitconnect X)

Crypto Nick is a piece of shit

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Fantasy Footballers

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