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Flagship Episode 4: 50 Cent gets richer, Weiss ratings, and Robin Hood.


Flagship Episode #4 

50 Cent, Weiss, and Robin Hood get in the game. 

The crypto clowns sit down and discuss the latest news in the crypto world. 50 Cent forgot about some money? Or maybe he forgot to pay some taxes. Weiss ratings weigh in on the letter grades of come Crypto and Bitcoin is NOT in first place? We touch on Venezuela, Korea, and have little rap battle when announcing the mail bag drop. 

Links to topics from the show: 

Robin Hood Enters the market: This is huge, Robin hood has built its name off of 0 fee trading, and it will continue to do so with crypto. They could really step up the customer service and some serious mainstream investing. 

50 Cent misplaced $400k in Bitcoin, just found them and they're worth $8 Million. 

Korean Trading will resume, and restrictions will be similar to the United States. The source is in Korean, but here is a reddit post that has plenty of comments to break down the situation. 

Weiss Ratings are here: This is a third party posting because they took the ratings down as soon as they released them to put it behind a paywall, but these are accurate. Here is their explanation on some of these ratings. 

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