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Flagship Episode 6: Market to the floor, Cars to the Moon, and the Rich List


Flagship 6: 

Market to the floor, Cars to the Moon! 

The CryptoBasic team gets together for their weekly Flagship episode. They talk about the Market Downturn, Christopher Giancarlo, The Forbes Rich List, and many many more. The team regrets not having more fiat available to buy more in the downturn, and they also get on Weiss for acting so smug about their ratings. Also, find out how Brent trolls Karim so hard that it takes him weeks to deal with the fallout in this week's edition of the Flagship.  


Christopher Giancarlo: Here's the entire video. 

Forbes Crypto Richlist: Here's the Forbes Crypto Richlist! Keep in mind this doesn't track Monero. 

Weiss Snide Letter: Here's a Reddit post that copied the letter of the Weiss ratings company. Extremely out of line to send this in our opinion. 

Coindesk Blockchain Industry Report: Learn some facts about the crypto space in 2017.

Coincheck promises to refund all hacked funds. 

Singapore Talks about the future of crypto in their country. 

Berkely ICO Here's the quick run down of how the city plans to turn to crypto.


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