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Flagship Friday: Episode 21


FlagShip Friday

Episode 21

It’s Friday FlagShip time and the news get Karim all riled up this week! Verge gets hacked AGAIN, the US Congress rolls back important banking regulations, the Department of Justice wants to investigate Bitcoin price manipulation, and Brent tells us all how proud he is about his Reddit post. Internationally we see an Argentinian bank using Bitcoin and we explore why Sweden may become the first cashless society. Lastly a listener asks “What has been your biggest coin purchasing regrets?”, join the team as they recall these painful memories =)


Vice - “Greedy Bankers are Already Creating the Next Financial Crisis

CNN - “American Banks Had Their Most Profitable Quarter Ever

NASAA - “Securities Regulators Conduct Coordinated International Crypto Crackdown

Bloomberg - “Bitcoin Manipulation is Said to be Focus of US Criminal Probe

MarketWatch - “Ashton Kutcher Stuns Ellen with $4 Million Ripple Donation

GDAX – “Announcing Coinbase Pro

CoinPedia - “Argentinian Bank to Use Bitcoin for Cross Border Payments

CNBC - “People in Sweden Barely Use Cash



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