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Flagship Friday 43: What is Initiative Q? Bitcoin turns 10, and a new stablecoin.

Flagship Friday #43

Flagship Friday #43

What is Initiative Q? Bitcoin turns 10 years old this week. Square is coming up with a cold storage solution. The team talks about another shady guy named Justin in the crypto space, and they tackle a really fun mailbag section where Karim brings back the 4th grader from a few weeks ago, which he still has as a weapon.

Square Cash has been a fun way to interact with Bitcoin for a while now. The CEO of Square is VERY pro Bitcoin, and now he's releasing a system to the open source that will facilitate the use of the payment processor Square. Justin Tabb from substratum is a very interesting guy. He definitely has a checkered past, and SOMEONE really has it out for him. We look at all of the evidence thrown out there to say that this guy isn't really on the up and up. Initiative Q is the newest viral spam that you're getting on Facebook from your friends. Those that aren't in the know might even be coming to you as their "crypto guy" and asking you about it like it's a cryptocurrency. Coinbase and Circle have teamed up to come up with a new stablecoin that should be able to rival the controversial Tether. It joins all of the other options as a strictly better Stablecoin than Tether is - when will these exchanges come around? Bitcoin turns 10 years old on October 31. I know many of us are barely looking at ONE year of learning what Bitcoin is, but it's been here, and it's going to keep being here. Find out what Lawrence H White, the Austrian School economist that works for the Cato institute, had to say on the topic.



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