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101 Series: ICOs


101 Series: 


Mike and Brent sit down and discuss the most volatile of all of the volatile investments: ICOs. Mike and Brent openly admit that they don't have the expertise to pick ICO's properly, but they give you the tools you might need to do your own research if you DO get the ICO bug. 

Correction: On the show we say that FUD means "Fear Understanding and Doubt" that is NOT the case, we just misspoke. FUD is a term meaning Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt and it generally has a negative connotation meaning the person saying it hasn't done their research. 


CoinSchedule: Here's one of the resources that we mentioned on the show. This is the most popular way to check out which ICOs are coming up. With that being said, make sure you understand which ICOs are paying for advertising space, and which aren't.

One of our listeners showed us this interesting resource. This is from the user DipKeeper, and it's presented by @CryptoLammerThe colors at the top show what this person thinks of ICOs. This is obviously very subjective, but could prove a valuable tool. 

Here is ICOTracker. I like this site a lot because it has a ton of information all in the graphic ready for everyone to see without having to start clicking all over the place. 

And finally here's a site called ICOdrops that has a metric for the hype machine that drives these investments many of the times. They clearly identify sponsored content, and they have a rating for hype. 


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