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101 Series: Monero


101 Series:


Monero: the privacy coin. The team breaks down how this works, what it means for the future of privacy, and Karim has to apologize to the entire Spanish community. Monero is the gold standard in privacy coins, and yes we do miss a possible reference to Bitcoin Private, but we do give a quick shoutout to Zclassic. Join us, and witness the biggest self destruction in Karim’s history.


Official Monero Wallets These are the only “official” wallets, while there are plenty of others that may function. These require you to download the entire blockchain as a default setting which takes a while don’t get discouraged.

Monero Subreddit – Remember we love these guys because they’re reasonable, they look at all angles, and I stole the picture for this post from them!

Great source of information called Monero.How Everything from really technical information to the most basic tutorials can be found here.

Google Translate, where it automatically recognizes Monero as Esperanto


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These links are all referral links for us, but we use every one of these exchanges and wallets.

Robin Hood is getting in the crypto game! You get a random stock valued between $2 and $200 and so do we, this is super exciting. Robin Hood has been one of the best experiences we’ve had with an “old school” exchange, and we’re super excited that they’re going to be bringing their talents to crypto.

CASH APP HAS BITCOIN! If you sign up through that link the show gets $5 and so do you! Stop the presses. The easiest to use money transfer application (yes it's easier than Venmo) now as a built in way to buy and sell Bitcoin. They even have a no - fee debit card you can use.

Binance Exchange Binance is the primary location for many of the coins that are not available on CoinBase. They have the best user experience, don't use the USDT as a primary trading pair, and have reasonable customer service. Give them a look.

Ledger Wallet Website This is where you buy the hardware wallet that we're always talking about on the show - we all use a Ledger Nano S.



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