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101 Series: NEO


101 Series: 


The CryptoBasic team talks NEO. Brent remembers how Karim begged him to get involved in NEO when the shares were only $8, but he didn't listen or do his own research! The team dives a little deeper than usual into the underlying method of this blockchain, and give the pros and cons of a coin that is synonymous with a country. NEO is an impressive animal with a lot of room to grow, find out why. 


How much GAS will your NEO make? Check this out - it's the gold standard for checking on your theoretical and actual GAS output for your coins. I'm not actually sure we mentioned it on the show, and we should have, but NEO2

Here is an updated list of NEO ICOs: The best source we could find as of the publication date.

Long explanation of Byzantine Fault Tolerance: Just in case you wanted to get further into that analogy and why it works with NEO.  


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